Sunday School 10am, Sunday Morning 11am, Sunday Evening 6pm, Wednesday 7:30pm
938 Powder Springs Road 
Marietta, Ga 30064
Phone: 7704224111

Welcome Grove Baptist Church

Pastor: Bro. Jeff Clark

About Us

A Little History of our Church

Welcome Grove is the result of a wonderful 5 weeks of revival meetings. These were held in a brush arbor behind Lloyd Corn?s house and garage across the road from where our present building is now. On September 6, 1953 at 2:00 p.m. a council of the following ordained ministers and deacons formed for the purpose of organizing the ?Welcome Grove Baptist Church?: Rev. K.B. Robertson, Rev. Floyd O. Owens, Rev. W.T. Craton, Marvin A. Smith, Robert Lee Wilbur, J.D. Clackum, F.J. Holcombe, Lloyd T. Corn, & O.H. Pete Day. Welcome Grove Baptist met this day for the first conference and general business. Rev. H.C. Williams was elected pastor by secret ballot and Bro. Lloyd Corn was elected church clerk.

September 10, 1953 it was voted to use a vacant room at Bro. Wilburn Clarks for payer meeting services until church could be closed in. Bro. Virgil Wigley was appointed to serve as Chairman of Building Committee

October 8, 1953 it was voted to build a church building of 30? x 60? with 4 Sunday school rooms (which is now part of our basement) for approximately $1,400.00. First service was held in this building on Thanksgiving Day 1953

Pastor's Past

Bro. Hubert Williams
1953 - 1956

Bro. Franklin Rogers
1956 - 1957

Bro. B.W. Allison
1957 - 1960

Bro. Junior Merritt
1960 - 1961

Bro. Lowell White
1961 - 1964

Bro. J.T. Brown
1964 - 1971

Bro. Howard Crowe
1971 - 1972

Bro. Ralph Foster
1972 - 1979

Bro. Charles Wilbanks
1979 - 1984

Bro. Larry Ritch
1985 - 1988

Bro. Carroll Rhodes
1988 - 1988

Bro. Vermon Parmer
1988 - 1989

Bro. Hubert Woodward
1990 - 1995

Bro. Sammy Hall
1995 - 1999

Bro. Brent Tatum
1999 - 2002

Current Pator

Bro. Jeff Clark
2003 - Present